past life regression hypnosis

When we embark on a journey of spiritual or personal growth it’s common to come face to face with the patterns we have adopted over decades of being human. Sometimes, those patterns have roots in other times and spaces - outside of our current life. Past life regression hypnosis is a way to uncover unknown aspects of your life and to make the unclear seen.

Most of the time people are called to this type of work after reading popular books that recount past life regression experiences. Many others are called to it because of a pull towards a place or a person that they cannot explain. Have you ever experienced this sense of déjà vu? A feeling that you’ve been somewhere before or that you know someone deeply but have no rational explanation for it.


The process of hypnosis itself is safe and very much self-led. After all, all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Through deep relaxation, we will access the subconscious mind’s theta brainwaves and allow it to take you on a journey of discovery and remembering.

You will be able to remember everything from any time and place that your soul has experienced. You can be an active participant, fully submerged in the experience or you can simply float above it, learning and remembering without needing to relive it. While under hypnosis you are fully in control. You go as deep and as far as you want to go in the process. The hypnotist is a trained guide to get you there and bring you back. You are the one in charge.

Each time you journey through a past life regression your experience will be different. Sometimes you may see moving pictures, like a movie being projected into your consciousness. Other times you may see a series of still images, hear answers being whispered in your ear or even feel like the information just “downloads” in your consciousness.

While in a state of trance you may also find yourself pulled into the in between state. This is a state of awareness where there is no body to remember. There is only your soul’s pure consciousness. In this state you may meet your guides, other beings of light or loved ones who have crossed over.

Why do people seek out past life regression hypnosis?

  • In order to understand personal relationships in a new way.
  • Because they are ready to overcome phobias, fears and anxieties that have no explanation in their current incarnation.
  • In order release past life traumas that are still affecting one’s self.
  • To gain clarity on patterns of behavior and results.
  • So that they can access the in-between transitional state and obtain clear answers about purpose and destiny.

some frequently asked questions about past life regression hypnosis

  • Does everyone go into a past life?

    Yes and no. About 85% of people go into a regression when lead by a trained guide on their first attempt. The other 15% can go in, they just need a little practice.

  • Are past lives real?

    This is a very personal answer and therefore will vary from person to person based on spiritual and religious beliefs.

    There are certainly many books written containing accounts of past lives with verifiable information like dates and names. Then there is also your brain’s inclination to fill in the blanks. Sometimes when we are seeking answers not clear to the conscious mind, our unconscious will put forth a metaphor.

    What is real is hard to prove and for some, hard to believe. It isn’t uncommon to have a subject return from a past life experience to question “Was that real? I think maybe I made that up”. At the end of the day, the only one that can tell you if it’s real or not is your own intuition.

    Whether the memories are real or not, the most important piece of a past life journey is it’s integration. When we can have an experience and relate it to our day to day, whether it is “real” or not, matters less. What matters most is the work we put in afterward to become a better version of ourselves.

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