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Your conscious mind makes up about 5% of our thoughts. The other 95% of your thoughts remain in the unconscious. Hypnosis is a way of deepening your awareness of what beliefs, language patterns and memories are affecting your emotional and behavioral patterns.

Hypnosis is a trance like state involving a heightened level of focus and concentration. When you access the brainwaves related to the trance experience you are more open to suggestion and to change. In this state you are relaxed and still but remain aware-you remain in control.

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When we embark on a journey of spiritual or personal growth it’s common to come face to face with the patterns we have adopted over life times of being human.

Sometimes, those patterns have roots in other times and spaces - outside of our current life. Discover the journey of your soul via regression hypnosis 


Our learned spoken or thought language is many times empowering but at other times, limiting. Language can reinforce the programming of our minds and core beliefs. NLP focuses on how we learn and how we think.

Imagine being able to un-learn negative thought patterns and learn new ones. You will learn how to change your mind in practice, not just in theory.

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Breathwork is a practice that allows us to access cellular memories through the use of breath alone. Breathwork can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, insomnia, trauma and imbalance in the physical body.

The practice of breathwork under the care of a trained practitioner allows us the unique opportunity to unveil our inner wisdom, our own healing abilities and gives the body a chance to reset. As a spiritual practice, breathwork has the ability to connect us with our multi-dimensional selves.


Reiki is a Japanese energetic modality that has been around for over a century. Reiki works as the practitioner works alongside the universal light to enter the body of the client. Reiki uses symbols, sounds and a light touch to help to align the energetic centers of the body and create the healing that the client is ready to receive.

We will channel the Usui, Karuna, Shamballa and Unitarian Reiki symbols into the third and fourth dimensional bodies as a way for you to connect with your own channel. Everyone has the ability to connect and it is in this practice that you can learn to heal yourself.

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Meditation can be intimidating at first. It is, however, an integral part of this work. Meditation can be more about learning to bring the mind into a state of peaceful rest and into the present moment than about clearing it from all thoughts. We will use breath, kundalini, guided and mindfulness meditations to engage the brain in calm and powerful rhythms.


We are made of stars. We have been given the tools to reset everything from the way we think to the way our DNA expresses itself. Activating our Quantum DNA allows us to create healing in the three non-spirit bodies-physical, emotional and mental.

This special work was channeled for the benefit of humanity as we embark on bringing about change to the planet and to ourselves. When we work our DNA with quantum tools we are accessing fifth dimensional tools that we can see manifest in our third dimensional experience. This practice helps with personal limitations and imbalances as well as epigenetic traumas and inheritances.

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In order to live a fulfilling life, you get to take charge of your habituated thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Throughout your program, you will have a chance to practice and integrate what you learn while enjoying the accountability and support that comes with working with a professional coach.

Patty has changed my life forever!! I originally started with 12 sessions (highly recommend) and after each session, I felt like walls were just removed and I continued with more sessions. Patty is just a great Coach and Teacher, I took her Rewire Your Brain one year long classes and that was as beneficial as hypnosis sessions.
Marijana S.

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