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Three Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Space

When was the last time you cleansed your space? Nope, I’m not talking about dusting and vacuuming. I'm talking about cleansing your space. Getting all that negative and heavy vibe off of our bodies, our homes, and even our cars. Whether you are choosing to cleanse on the new moon, the full moon, or on a Tuesday when you don't even know how the moon is doing, cleansing can be a critical component of our spiritual routine.

There are many reasons to start an energy protection and cleansing practice. Maybe you’ve been feeling like there’s a dark cloud over you, or maybe you feel like you’re in a perpetual episode of Murphy’s Law. Maybe you just feel that it’s time for a little despojo.

The reasons are plentiful and as varied as the moon phases. The question is how? Where can you start your energy reset and protection rituals?

Read on for some tips and easy ways that you can get started.

Call in Your Guides

First, get comfortable with the fact that you do not have to do it all yourself. You get to ask for help. So get your asking muscles pumping and ask the universe, God, Reiki light, the saints, or the angels for help. Invite whomever or whatever higher force you connect with to assist you in first cleansing and then protecting you and your environment. Ask and be open to receiving.

Smudge Your Space

Next, grab that sage stick or that palo santo that you bought months ago and keep moving from one place to another, and light it up! The key with smudging is to first set your intention and to repeat it like a mantra over and over in your mind or out loud. Cover all of your physical body with sage while staying connected to your intention. Walk around your space remaining mindful that you cover all the corners of every room, especially the rooms that have felt a little yucky or stuck.

Connect with Gratitude

Lastly, make your way to your sacred space. You know the one. The place where you feel most at peace and most at home. Take a moment to connect with gratitude. Declare your gratitude for always being protected by the universe, God, Reiki light, the saints, or your angels. The vibration of gratitude truly is the highest and easiest to access. You are already divinely protected. Take a moment to acknowledge and to sit in gratitude.

What’s next? Why not start developing some of that amazing power you were born with? Coming in April, we are hosting a class on Unitarian Reiki. If you are already a Usui Reiki practitioner, think of this as leveling up. We will step into the power of combining Usui reiki with sound, color, Karuna & Shamballa Reiki and Sacred geometry.


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