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Multi-Bodied Healing

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the need to approach healing holistically, recognizing that our physical bodies, spirits, emotions, and mental states are all interconnected. We know now, more than ever, that health needs to be addressed at every level – not just physical. This has led to the development of a new paradigm for healing, one that seeks to address the various aspects of our being in an integrated and comprehensive way. This approach is referred to as "multi-bodied healing."

What does it mean to create multi-bodied healing?

At its core, multi-bodied healing is about recognizing that we are not just physical beings but also emotional, mental, and spiritual ones. It's about acknowledging that our bodies, minds, and spirits are all interconnected and that we need to address each of these aspects of ourselves to achieve true healing.

To create multi-bodied healing, we need to take a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means looking beyond just the physical symptoms of illness and addressing the underlying emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances that may be contributing to our health issues.

Let’s say someone is experiencing chronic pain. In a traditional medical setting, the focus might be on treating the physical symptoms of pain, such as prescribing medication or recommending physical therapy. In a multi-bodied healing approach, the focus would be on understanding the root cause of the pain, which could be related to emotional or mental stressors, and addressing those underlying issues as well.

Sometimes the energetic load that a person carries from their past or their environments can affect them and create physical pain.

Multi-bodied healing could involve a variety of different healing modalities, such as talk therapy, energy work, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, or western medicine depending on the individual's needs and preferences. The idea is to create a personalized plan of action that addresses all aspects of the individual's being and helps to restore balance and wellness.

Benefits of Multi-Bodied Healing

One of the key benefits of multi-bodied healing is that it can be empowering for individuals. When we take a holistic approach to healing, we become active participants in our own wellness journey, rather than simply passive recipients of treatment. By addressing all aspects of our experience, we can take ownership of our health and well-being and create a sense of agency and control over our lives.

By addressing all of these aspects of our being, we can create a comprehensive healing plan that helps us achieve optimal health and well-being. It's an empowering approach that puts us in control of our own healing journey and allows us to take ownership of our health and well-being.

Like with many things that become popular and trendy, we must keep an eye out for over simplification or misunderstanding of what is truly possible through all the different modalities that are available. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for alternative or traditional practitioners to help you come back to wholeness:

  • What is the philosophy of the practitioner you are working with? Are they a one-stop shop or do they have a network they refer to when their clients need more help?

  • What are the qualifications of the practitioner? This will be easier to determine with traditional western medicine practitioners than alternative ones since many alternative practices are not regulated by a governing board.

  • Does the practice feel right to you? Not all practices will be comfortable for you and not all practices are appropriate for everyone. Follow your instincts and if it feels too far out of your comfort zone, walk away and find someone else or something different.

  • Remember that alternative practices generally involve some minor or major lifestyle changes. This means that the effort will be largely on you to implement changes in your life to support you. Because of this, the speed of your results will largely depend on you.

If you have struggled with some imbalance in your life, no matter what it is, keep looking for solutions. Try all that is available until you find your balance. Maybe it’s medicine, maybe it’s yoga. For some people it may be hypnosis and for others it may be an ayahuasca journey. For all of us, it will be a combination of different modalities. Take charge of your well being and address all your bodies.


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