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How to Practice Forgiveness

As little kids in science class we learned that darkness is the absence of light, a seemingly simple and now obvious definition. Over the years, we move along collecting definitions for all things big and small, rarely giving them a second thought. It is not until life grows a little more complicated and we grow a little older that we begin finding comfort in such simple, yet thoughtful explanations. As we are stretched and as we evolve, we recycle this information, rarely re-exploring their meaning or their application.

So what of darkness then? Darkness is in fact the absence of light. Simple enough. Equally as simple is the reality that darkness cannot cast out darkness. It’s impossible. Just like there cannot be darkness without light. One sustains the other. Everyone of us has endured periods of heaviness and negativity. When we realize that focusing on the pain only multiplies the darkness, true transformation (and liberation) begins.

If we choose to cling to our anger and our grudges, we begin to attract circumstances and people that are equally as resentful and cynical. We attract what we are, after all.

So how do we get from darkness to light? A powerful way to emancipate yourself is by choosing to forgive. Forgiveness shifts you from victim to volunteer. You begin to realize that everything is happening for you, it is not happening to you. And all is in service of your greatest good. By forgiving, you open up a world of insights and lessons within your experiences that were previously unavailable to you. Just like we cannot see in darkness, it is difficult to see how life is conspiring in our favor when we focus only on the negatives.

Many times, when we are withholding forgiveness from a person or a situation it is because we have not owned our responsibility in the matter. We have yet to forgive ourselves. A task that we know is easier said than done, for sure. But think about it. By focusing on things that feel good, we create more of that. When we focus on what feels heavy, we get more of that, too.

Take charge of your life, own your inner power, and let go. Let go of the resentment you feel towards your ex-lover, friend, and/or family member for hurting you. Don’t do it for them, do it for you.

Take three deep breaths and remind yourself that your life is what you make of it and the best way to a successful life begins by forgiving yourself. You always did the best you could with the knowledge you had available to you at the time. Give yourself permission to do something that feels good, something you enjoy. Remind yourself of what it’s like to enjoy your life. Then, slowly, begin to make changes in your life. Eliminate what doesn’t serve you and do more of what does.

Remember that you do not have to fight your battle alone, there are tools such as hypnosis, meditation, and reiki that help you heal and recover. Take it day by day. Know that we’re here to support you. Call us at (786) 913-6205 or email us at You deserve peace today.


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