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How to Overcome a Test-Taking Fear with Hypnosis

Taking a test of any kind does bring up nerves even in those that are more confident about tests. Some individuals go into a full-blown panic mode even when preparing to take a test even though they have studied and researched thoroughly. Nervousness before taking a test occurs in most of the population. Just enter a schoolroom of any level before a test and you can practically feel it. But a real phobia towards testing can cause the subconscious mind to go into overdrive and bring out the fight or flight reaction.

Some individuals become so nervous that they end up skipping the test entirely, and especially on important tests, may fail a course they are taking. Even obtaining a driver’s license requires a test. While therapy can assist, hypnosis can achieve results much more quickly. Hypnosis has shown great results by replacing negative subconscious thoughts of failure with positive thoughts of success during tests.

What exactly is the difference between testing fears vs testing phobias?

As explained above, most individuals experience nervousness before a test. Worrying about how you will score is the biggest component of this fear. However, most individuals do not experience such a degree of nervousness that they cannot even take the test, or they do poorly on the test as their stress level is so high, they cannot concentrate. Adding to the list that makes test-taking a phobia is the fact that the fear is so intense it can last for days or weeks before the test, and sleeplessness or overpreparation might occur leading to failure of the test. It becomes a vicious cycle.

A real test-taking phobia impacts your life in many ways.

You can avoid all types of tests, from driving exams to college exams, or even pre-employment exams which many companies now are using to whittle down potential candidates. But there is a trade-off for avoiding exams. You can lose your freedom to work and go where you like, as well as lose self-confidence, which only exacerbates the testing phobia. This is a more crippling phobia than others around you might realize, and many with this fear hide it their entire lives and lose out on their greatest potential and quality of life.

The causes of test-tasking phobias are usually triggered or learned.

Tests have been in question for many years throughout the educational system with many educators feeling that some individuals simply cannot show their true intelligence on tests. If someone is a top performer in all other aspects of their lives, failing a test just once can trigger the nervousness into a phobia. Parents can also put pressure on individuals to do well. Failing a test might have brought wrath from your parents and this experience may have imprinted in your subconscious mind.

​​Can I overcome my fear of test-taking even though I have had it for years?

Yes, hypnosis unlocks your feared memories and then implants positive suggestions to replace the negativity. My course Overcoming Your Fear of Test Taking combines Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to make you feel calm and confident before, during, and after your test. NLP is another way of changing someone's thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them. These techniques are done consciously while hypnosis works on a deeper, subconscious level.

You can also use audiotapes for driving phobia found in my course.

The audiotapes from my course Overcoming your Fear of Test Taking will put you in a state of relaxation so that you are open to positive suggestions. You can set up a routine of listening to these at your convenience. Constant positive reinforcement is the key to success with hypnosis, which is why I wanted to create audios that you can listen to as much as you need. For more information on my course and my work, please visit my course website.


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