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How does past life regression work?

The title seems a little ominous if you are not sure what past life regression is. Even if you can infer, it can be difficult to wrap your head around! Past life regression therapy was made to help those looking to answer the deepest questions they have about themselves. It is supposed to facilitate psychological healing and provide insight into your past life.

It rests on the idea that we, as human beings, have been here before. Through reincarnation, we inherently have past lives. By understanding these we can make better sense of who we are, gain knowledge from our past selves, and make better sense of our present-day cycles. Who knows, you may have been dealing with the same problems centuries ago?

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is based on two things:

  • Reincarnation, or the idea that we are born and reborn until we learn the right lessons to move on to our next phase of enlightenment

  • Karma, meaning our actions have consequences (even into our future lives)

The result of these being at the core of past life regression is that our past lives are affecting our present life. By exploring this we can dive into the past and understand what issues we are cycling through. The events of our past lives can be the key to unlocking our future. Through past life regression therapy, you can remove self-limiting beliefs and increase your self-discovery. Other benefits of past life regression include:

  • Connecting with your previous experiences

  • Understanding yourself more deeply

  • Understanding your connections to other people and places more deeply

  • Find the cause and effect between current ailments and your previous lives

  • Discover the root cause of unresolved issues

  • Reconnect with your spiritual being

  • Receive guidance from your past self

  • Combat mental illness

  • Reconnect with yourself in a way that is full of deep understanding

Past life regression allows you to open yourself up to a whole new world. You can analyze your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a way that transcends your current physical being.

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

Diving into this realm of your being can seem quite daunting but with the help of a professional coach, the journey is indescribable. There are a few ways this can be done.

  • Hypnotherapy

With guided hypnosis, you can fall into a deeper state of awareness. The right hypnotherapist knows how to bring you to your past life and unlock those memories so you can feel the profound benefits of past life regression. This is the most common way to tap into your past lives.

  • Coaching

An intuitive coach with knowledge of past lives can aid in your knowledge about yourself. Through their own connection to realms beyond our own, they can help you figure out your past lives and the lessons you may be called to learn currently.

  • Dreamwork

By looking into your dreams you may be able to get clues about your past lives. Much like a meditative state, your dreams connect you to a deeper part of your being. Take stock of what is happening in your dreams, especially the recurring ones.

These are two examples of how to unlock your past lives but through meditation or your own intuition, you may be able to tap into your past lives. Oftentimes, hypnotherapy is used for past life regression but it can also be done by a regular therapist with knowledge of the subject. It asks patients to recall their previous lives and dive deep into their healing. It works because hypnotherapy allows a practitioner to help you connect with parts of yourself that may not even be aware of. By identifying who you were you can figure out what energy and emotions are blocked. Past life regression begs you to look into the past so you can solve the issues of today.


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