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Healing Family Relationships

Your family is the root of your feelings in a lot of ways. As a child, you learn how to act, react, and be from your parents and other family relationships. But what do you do when these relationships have been torn apart? How to heal these bonds so you can move forward?

Reasons for Broken Family Relationships

There are so many complications that come with being part of a family, no matter its size. Whether you have different moral beliefs or you have truly suffered through intense trauma with your family, there are many reasons for you to feel that your family ties are severed. Strained relationships can be a result of divorce, trauma, deaths in the family, differing religious/political beliefs, and so much more. But, at the root of it all, is the inability to understand each other.

Unhealed relationships in a family can present in a variety of ways. There can be tension between people, mental health issues, and trouble with identity just to name a few.

The Importance of Healing Family Relationships

When something is left unsaid or things are left unresolved it can cause a lot of inner turmoil for those involved. When it comes to family, this turmoil can feel even worse! Our family is at the root of our identity. They have shaped us, spent the most time with us, and been with us through some of our darkest times. When there is a rift in these relationships it can often feel worse than the ending of a close friendship. By healing this you can move forward from the past. Even if you find that you still are not close with your family, you can at least find some inner peace.

How to Heal Family Relationships

The issues of a family can be tackled in a variety of ways. Within the group, you can sit down and discuss the problems at hand. But if you find this ending in arguments or not really going anywhere it might be time to get another person involved. An unbiased source for advice and mediation can prove incredibly helpful when navigating the healing process. They can provide their opinion, making sure every member of the family is heard and feels validated. This alone can create much less tension and give way to improvement in communication. Here are some interventions that can be made by a professional to help heal your family relationships:

Family Therapy

Therapy is often a one-on-one experience. However, if a family is trying to heal or get through experiences together a licensed therapist can definitely be helpful. Some therapists even specialize in group therapy, so they are well-versed in communication and mediation. In a group therapy session, there is more accountability and allowance for different perspectives. Other benefits of family therapy include boundaries being created and maintained, problem-solving can be promoted, conflict can be resolved and reduced, and there can be more understanding between participants.

Group Coaching

Much like a family therapist, coaches provide the balance and mediation needed to work through the problems your family may be suffering from. A knowledgeable coach has a wealth of information at their disposal that can help any group navigate through tumultuous times. A one-on-one coach could even prove useful if you are looking to move past familial bonds and heal those open wounds alone.


Oftentimes, our relationships are a reflection of our inner being. With hypnosis, a professional can tap into our inner selves and help us work out the blockages preventing us from healing. Hypnotherapy can help you learn to cope with conflict and manage the difficult emotions that come with familial issues. You can also learn to break through the cycles that have riddled your family for generations, hopefully creating more harmony and stability.


As an exercise, breathwork can provide a vast array of benefits. It can aid in healing, help with confidence, and let you release the beliefs that are holding you back. When it comes to healing family relationships, breathwork can allow you to hold space for yourself. When coached by a specialist they can formulate the best practices for you to heal your family relationships.

Healing family wounds is incredibly important for your identity. When there are issues with the people that raised you, it can be hard to separate your feelings about yourself and your feelings about them. Through the process of healing you can move forward, feel lighter, and be more at peace.


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