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How to Create a Spiritual Practice

Creating a spiritual practice can provide a ton of amazing benefits in your life. Whether you have an idea of the spiritual practices you’d like to add to your daily routine, or you are looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

Why Create a Spiritual Practice for Yourself?

In my personal experience, as well as many others, adding spirituality to your life can make you feel:

  • Centered

  • Calm

  • Grounded

  • Present

  • Peaceful

  • Happy

  • Undistracted

  • Connected

Honestly, it just makes you feel better and more well-rounded! Before adding spirituality to your life you may be feeling disconnected, anxious, spacey, and just not yourself. But, creating rituals and sticking to them can truly impact your life in a positive way. The most amazing thing about creating a spiritual practice is that you can make it yours! Whatever works for you, or whatever you want your spirituality to look like is completely up to you. Adding this into your daily routine will help combat the turbulence going on around you, so whatever you need to do is acceptable!

What Does Creating a Spiritual Practice for Yourself Look Like?

A spiritual practice is just that – a practice. It is something you are adding to your routine and using as frequently as needed. However, it may take some time to find the exercises that work for you. So don’t feel like you are weird if something doesn’t benefit you that works for someone else you know. Try to implement things and feel them out.

Exercises in spirituality can range from simple small things to much larger, more intense rituals. Here are some ideas of things to try on your spiritual journey:

  • Mindfulness – Mindfulness is the simple act of being aware. Just allowing yourself to be the observer can put you into a state of awareness and peace.

  • Intention setting – Intention setting is as straightforward as saying how you want your day to go. During your morning routine set your intention for the day (e.g. Today is going to be full of love and peace). Or practice segment intention setting. This is when each time you enter a new segment of your day, you set a simple intention for it. For example, when you go from getting out of bed to making breakfast, you set an intention for the space, or when you get in your car you set a small, positive intention for the ride.

  • Meditation – Meditation is nearly synonymous with spirituality. It gives you the space to reset and bring awareness into your life. Whether you are going for a blank mind or repeating a mantra, you can set your vibration and create peace.

  • Yoga – Similar to meditation, yoga allows you to hold space and bring self/body awareness into your life. Using it as a spiritual practice helps clear the mind and connect to the body.

Spiritual practices are anything that bring awareness and purpose into your life, no matter how big or small they are. Remember to practice non-judgment as you move through your spiritual journey.

Practice Makes Perfect

Perfection actually is not what you are going for, but practicing your rituals and doing them routinely will allow them to have a greater positive impact on your life. The simplest way to create a spiritual practice for yourself is to set aside a time each day dedicated to your spirituality. Stick with it, it will be worth it!


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