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How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Conceptualizing your “higher self” can feel like an impossible task, but can be accessed quite simply. Those who claim connection to their higher-self boast positive life transformation. By connecting to your higher self, there is the possibility you will move through life with more ease and joy than ever before. But how do you connect with your higher self?

Your higher self is an extension of you and your consciousness. It is connected to the highest power and links you to everything and everyone. The universal energy that is the basis of your higher self is the key to accessing wisdom and living with ease.

Exercises to connect with your higher self are all different and work in varying ways. There is no set path for reaching this state of being, so forge your own way!


With a busy mind it can be hard to turn your attention to the thoughts that bring you closer to your higher self. But, meditation is the perfect way to quiet the mind and find the space to connect with your inner wisdom.


Breathwork is the act of controlling your breath to create peace within your physical body. It can also be used to open your heart and mind. Similar to meditation, it creates space for you to bring in higher self connection.

Ground Yourself in Nature

Spending time outside seems like a simple concept, but it is pivotal in connecting with universal wisdom. Nature is a teacher and a reflection of everyone's higher self. By spending time with your feet on the earth or the sun on your skin, you are simply becoming one with source.

Trust Your Intuition

The society we live in can prove difficult for intuition trust. We are constantly told what to do and how to think. This dilutes our own sense of direction and decision making. When furthered from your gut instincts, you are furthered from your higher self. Don’t repress your intuition, listen to it, guide you and strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Nurture Your Mind

Be mindful of the information your brain takes in. Read books that nourish your growth and spiritual connection. Learn affirmations that give you self-confidence. Center your thoughts around positivity. This may take some practice, but it will be worth it! Your higher self’s natural state is overwhelmingly positive. Work towards this, and you will find connecting to your higher self comes easily.

The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a quick and effective way to bring you into a deep meditative state and connect you with your higher self where you can receive answers and guidance in your life. It is one technique that we use a lot in our practice to help clients gain clarity and make decisions from their own inner wisdom.

To have universal connection is a tool unlike any other, and once you unlock this you will feel aligned with your life's purpose.


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