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5 Ways To Know If Your Life Coaching Program Is Working

Life coaching is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their life and achieve their goals. However, it can be difficult to know if your coaching program is working or if you're just going around in circles. Here are five ways to know if your life coaching program is working.

What you should expect from your coach

A life coach is someone who helps their clients move from where they are in their lives into a new version of life and self . With a life coach, you pick specific goals and are guided and challenged toward achieving them. To do this, they may use a variety of tools like journaling, talking, hypnosis or breathwork, depending on the type of coach you hire. A life coach can help you with:

  • Work performance

  • Productivity and focus

  • Stress management

  • Self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-esteem

  • Balancing your priorities

  • Setting boundaries

  • Launching or growing a business

Once you engage with a coach, you may wonder how to know that your hard work is really paying off. It will be different for everyone but here are a few indicators that you’re with the right person.

5 Ways to Know Your Coaching Program is Working

1.You're making progress towards your goals.

The primary reason people seek out a life coach is to achieve their goals, whether that be to start a business, lose weight, or improve their relationships. If you're making progress towards your goals, no matter how small, you’re on the right path. Your coach should be helping you to identify actionable steps towards your goals and holding you accountable for making progress.

2.You're gaining new insights and perspectives.

One of the benefits of working with a life coach is that they can provide you with new ways to see yourself and your life. If you're gaining these invaluable things during your coaching sessions, that's a sign that your coach is helping you to see things in a new light. This can be especially helpful if you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

3.You're building new habits.

Creating new habits is challenging for most people. It's an important part of achieving your goals and something a life coach is perfect for. If you're successfully building new habits as a result of your coaching program, that's a good indication that it's working. Your coach can help you figure out the habits that support your goals (and hold you accountable for sticking to them).

4.You're feeling more confident.

Working with a life coach can help you to build your self-confidence and belief in yourself by helping you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. If you're feeling more confident as a result of your coaching program, then you’re on the right track! When working with a coach, they can support you in realizing where your confidence lacks and help you expand that area of your life.

5.You're seeing improvements in other aspects of your life.

Life coaching can be about more than just achieving specific goals. For many it is about improving your overall quality of life. If you're seeing improvements in other areas of your life as a result of your coaching program, such as better relationships or improved health, that's a sign that it's working.

Life coaching isn't for everyone. But choosing the right coach for you can be a game changer. Once you dive in it’s up to you to make sure that your financial and time investment is worth it. If you're making progress towards your goals, gaining new insight, building new habits, feeling more confident, and seeing improvements in other areas of your life, that's a good indication that your coaching program and coach is the right fit for you.


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