How many times have you tried to achieve a goal or change a habit only to find yourself failing and looking to start again? Changing your life begins by changing your perspective to one that supports your goals and vision.

The reality is that what you believe largely determines the way you experience life. These thought patterns dictate how you behave and react to the world – whether they’re empowering or disempowering you. Through hypnosis, you’re able to access these limiting beliefs and create deep and lasting shifts that manifest themselves in your life and experiences.

When you change how you think, you feel better and do better. Join us every month for FREE group hypnosis sessions. Here’s what we’re covering:

January 19th

Discover what is getting in the way of your manifestation and get clarity on what you REALLY want. If you’re living mindfully and trying for growth and in search of down-to-earth advice, this month’s POWER Series is a space where you can learn, ask questions and build your best self. 

March 16

Join us at our monthly group hypnosis session as we unpack the impact of our relationships on our thoughts, beliefs, and health. Together we’ll identify relationship dynamics and create lasting shifts in our thoughts, core beliefs, and relationships.

April 20

This month, we’re getting to the root of your distrust and shifting the conversation you have around forgiveness, transformation, and vulnerability.

May 18

We’re nearing the middle of 2018. How are you looking on your career goals? For many of us, achieving our career goals is a critical piece of how we define our personal success. It’s early enough in the year to shift the ship’s direction and realize (and transform!) the blocks that are keeping you from reaching your career goals.

June 15

Some of us have proudly worn the creative label all our lives. Many have wondered why creativity seems to come so naturally to others while we struggle for something that lights that spark. Maybe you identify as a creative but have been feeling blocked. Creativity is a gift that can show up in all aspects of our lives. Let’s take a look at where you can hone in and light that spark.