Our work with Stress & Anxiety

Most of us experience some level of stress in our lives. Reframing our relationship with stress into one that is useful can allow us to feel more centered and empowered in our daily lives. We can improve our physical and our mental health simply by focusing our attention on developing ways to neutralize the stressors and disempower our habituated - and often unhealthy - responses.

Areas of Focus

Lack of Focus
Lack of Concentration
Nail Biting
Teeth Grinding
Emotional Eating
Test/Exam anxiety

Negative Thoughts
Stress Management

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"I used to get anxiety and some degree of panic attacks every day. Some days those panic attacks sent me to the hospital. I was a collegiate athlete who was always active yet my anxiety got the best of me. Sometimes I struggled getting dressed in the morning. After just a few sessions, I am back in the gym and have been feeling better. I am able to live my life everyday without the impending doom that my anxiety had over me. I have no other words to say than Patty is amazing. People think that hypnosis is fake and I did to before my sessions."

Steven S. March 14, 2016