Our work with Relationships

We are social creatures. As such, we enter and exit relationships at varying moments in our lives. We make new friends, we lose family members, we fall in and sometimes out of love. Sometimes we feel abandoned or deceived. All of these events and relationship dynamics can create stress and emotional baggage. Through hypnosis, it is possible to release limiting patterns and replace them with healthy and empowering beliefs.

Areas of Focus


Letting go of a relationship


Wedding Jitters

Overcoming Heartbreak

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"I began seeing Patty for relationship issues. For me, intimacy was shrouded with anxiety, stress, insecurity, and fear. Now - just a couple of months after our work together - I am happily and healthily dating. I have fostered an intimate relationship with myself that has translated into all other relationships. She is magnificent, and I highly recommend her. Hands down one of the best."

Deborah March 12, 2016