Past-Life Regression

Our work with Past Life Regression

Have you noticed any repeating patterns in your life that just don’t seem to go away? Perhaps it’s a recurring relationship that you just can’t seem to explain. Maybe you’ve tried to uncover the beginning of specific habits in your life but haven't been able to do so. It could be a past life experience that needs your attention. Through hypnotic regression, you can visit yourself in previous lifetimes, discover soulmate incarnations and their purpose, identify unresolved lessons, and so much more.

Areas of Focus

Past-life regression
Future-life projection
Age regression
Back to womb
Locating misplaced items

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"After reading the Dr. Brian Weiss books on past-life regression I became curios about past-life regression and what I could learn from an experience. I worked with Patty over the course of a three weeks and was able to travel back to three different incarnations. The experience was very warm and peaceful. I felt safe and enlightened. The sessions were useful in helping me to let go of some past-life experiences that were still haunting me and affecting my current relationships."

Tara S. May 30, 2016