Our Work with Health & Wellness

You’re in pain? Hypnosis can help alleviate many common ailments, including fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and more! Perhaps you’re overweight. Hypnosis can retrain your mind to reject unhealthy foods and crave wholesome meals instead. Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking but haven’t been able to kick the habit. Hypnosis is a proven treatment for lifestyle changes. In short, hypnosis is a powerful and useful tool for overcoming many of your health concerns in a powerful and lasting way.

Areas of Focus

Body Image
Eating Habits
Tension Headaches
Pain Management

Gastric Band weightloss
Overcoming Anger
Teeth Grinding
Physical Pain

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"Working with Patty has been blessing in my life. I met Patty 4 years ago and she helped me in a very rough time. I was trying to get pregnant at that time and my body was rejecting the process. After my face sessions with her I was able to get pregnant.
Last year I returned to see her for help with my chronic depression and anxiety. I was able to overcome this through my sessions. Anyone that gets to work with her can consider themselves lucky and fortunate. She really can touch and change your life forever!"

Adrianna F. April 26, 2016