Our Work With Fears + Phobias

Fear is inevitable. Some fears are rational and instinctual - they serve a purpose to our survival and well-being. There are also irrational fears that don't serve a greater purpose - which limit us and keep us from reaching our full potential. Hypnosis is a quick and easy way to overcome your fears, whether it’s fear of needles, spiders, death or even public speaking!

Areas of Focus

Fear of bugs/insects
Public speaking
Fear of flying
Fear of heights
Fear of the dark
Fear of germs

Fear of intimacy
Fear of abandonment
Fear of commitment
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of death

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"I came to Coral Gables Hypnosis seeking help to overcome a worsening fear of driving. For a few years my fear had become worse and worse until just a few months before finding hypnosis the panic was so great that i gave up driving all together. I am only 47 and I was not ready to give up the freedom that driving afforded me. after my fourth hypnosis session i was able to drive with considerable less anxiety. A few weeks later I felt that the fear was lifted. Today, four months after my first session with Debbie, I am free of the fear and have my freedom back. I have my life back."

Ruben M. May 30, 2016