Hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of focus and rapid learning. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that you can be hypnotized if you want to be. All of us are capable of hypnosis, in fact we experience hypnosis everyday. Think about it: when you zone out while driving, that’s “highway hypnosis.” When you are emotionally triggered by a movie, book, or TV show, that’s also hypnosis. In other words, you remain conscious and in control while hypnotized.

Our hypnosis program is geared towards deep and lasting changes. Like any of our programs, we understand that every client is unique. For this reason, our hypnosis program is customized to your personal concerns, behaviors, and limiting beliefs. 

We have found that many of the emotional and/or behavioral issues experienced by our clients are symptoms of underlying issues that have not been addressed. For example, someone struggling with overeating may be using weight as a way of remaining as “invisible as possible.” Perhaps the root issues is feeling as though they are not enough. The weight keeps people from getting too close because “I do not want to be rejected. If I let them in and they see all of me and realize that I am not good enough, it will devastate me. I’d rather keep the weight on instead of dealing with that kind of rejection.” For this reason, a new dietary routine or ongoing exercises may not have the kind of results that they want. Why? Because they’re addressing symptoms, not the root of what’s going on. Quite often, the real problem is a disempowering belief or thought pattern that has negative emotional and behavioral consequences. When we resolve the real problem, the symptoms disappear more quickly and easily than most people believe is possible. Our mission is simple: change how you think, and you feel better and do better.

How does Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, assist in the hypnosis program? It reinforces the reprogramming of your mind and core beliefs by using purposeful language and empowering verbage. NLP focuses on how we learn and how we think. Imagine being able to un-learn negative behaviors and learn new ones. NLP is a fantastic method for transforming unwanted patterns and thoughts into empowering and productive behaviors.

What you learn, what you think, and how you feel about any experience in your life can shape your reality. How we express ourselves, act towards ourselves, and treat others is a direct reflection of our thoughts. For example, how many times have you said, “I have to do that by tomorrow!” Notice how the word “have” implies that you do not have a choice, that it is a chore, and this creates a feeling of dread and resistance. How much differently would it feel if you replaced “have to” with “get to” – “I get to do that by tomorrow!” Now you’ve taken the power back – you’re choosing to act, it is no longer an obligation. Suddenly, just by changing a single word, the meaning behind it feels lighter and better. Once we become consciously aware of just how powerful our thoughts are, we realize that we can change our reality by changing our mind. At Coral Gables Hypnosis, all of our hypnotists use NLP to neutralize events, resolve internal conflicts, and improve your behavior and experience. With the help of the trained professionals at Coral Gables Hypnosis, you can change the way you think about yourself and your life, so that you feel better and are empowered to do better. Many of our clients are amazed how quickly things can improve for them.

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