From Side Hustle 🏃🏽‍♀️ to Dream Job😴

We have all seen one form or another of this familiar meme: Leap! And the net will appear. Well, yeah. But why in the world would I leap when it is so incredibly cozy up here? And the view! It’s so nice! No thanks. I will just sit here and drink my coffee ☕️ where I am not at risk of failing, or falling on my face, or losing my life’s savings, or looking like a fool.

Then again, if I leap, I could win, I could reach the dream I’ve had for a decade, I could be bigger than that dream. I could be the next Oprah….But..

It is so scary 🙀🙀 I am just not good enough. I don’t know the first thing about running my own business. The world doesn’t need another Oprah. Well, duh. What the world needs is you. Someone full of courage and passion and a little blind faith.

Making a big move can sometimes be paralyzing. Whether it’s moving to a new city or finally quitting your daily grind in pursuit of that natural deodorant company you’ve been secretly doodling logos for, taking the leap can be terrifying. Taking the leap can also be exhilarating.

So how do you peel your stuck feet from the earth and jump (without asking someone to push you)?

Here are some simple practices to put in place that may help you bust a move.

  • Whether your dream business is still germinating in your head or already a side-hustle, get with people that think and act like you do. Every industry has a network. Every group has a tribe. Start talking to people in the industry you are looking to enter. Visit networking groups where you can meet other business owners (in and out of your industry) that are a few steps ahead of you and learn what helped them succeed. People love to help others that share their goals and aspirations. A great place to start is your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI chapters. If you are a woman (sorry, guys), I can not emphasize enough how useful and critical it can be to find a business women’s group that you jive with. They are everywhere, even online. Find them and connect.
  • Gift yourself some quiet time to day dream. Take your logic hat off for an hour and let your dreamy mind take over. Where in time would you like to see your success come to fruition? Is it in a year? Five years? Ten years? Put yourself there. Use your senses and connect with what your definition of success is. Take a look around. What does your family life look like? What does your work week look like? Your workspace? How many people work with you? What do those relationships feel like? What does your bank account look like? Your retirement account? Practice this exercise daily. It wont take you more than 10 minutes. Make it a habit as unbreakable as brushing your teeth or grabbing that cup of joe.
  • Get it down on paper. There is something magical birthed from the process of writing down what you want and what you believe is possible. The tangibility of your words has the power of creating a certain level of unconscious accountability that will push you forward. So make a list or write yourself a letter that you can keep with you and read until you’ve got it memorized, until you have no choice but to believe it. Why is owning your own business important to you? Get real. What will calling your own shots afford you? Flexibility? Financial security? The chance to do things your way? Get specific. What kind of life will you enjoy when you succeed at your dreams? What does it look, smell, feel like?

Yes, taking a leap of faith can be scary but you are the master of your life and your experience. This is your shot so take it. Let the little steps before the proverbial leap be what gives you the courage and fortitude you seek to follow your dreams. Want to start looking for your tribe? Come hang out with us! We are here to serve and inspire you to see what is already possible.

Ready to Fall in Love With Work Again? Of Course It’s Possible!

It was only a few years ago that I woke up in the morning with ta simple and familiar thought: “Ugh!” When was this never ending hamster wheel going to finally stop? I had worked the same job for over six years and the same career for over 10. I was bored and ready for some adventure, some challenge in my work life. I needed a change. After talks and tears with my husband we agreed that starting something new at the wasn’t exactly financially responsible. After all, we had a mortgage, car loans and after school programs for the kids that we had made commitments to.

So I was stuck. I wanted to whine about it. The great luck that I had was that I whined to the right friend. With a wide smile on her face she gave me tons of advice. This is my one friend that is hardly ever cranky and has a (almost annoyingly consistent) way of always looking at the bright side of things.

I admit that some of it sounded kind of hokey and although I said I would, I had no intention of following through. Here is what I did try and what helped me change my relationship with my job.

  1. I chose one thing I could do for myself before everyone at home woke up. Even though it was painful to set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual, I committed to fit that activity into my day, so I did.  I chose stretching for 10 minutes. It may seem inconsequential but after I hit 40 my body started making unfamiliar creaking noises and I am not about to go down without a fight 💪🏾. It was surprising how much more engaged and awake my body felt when I stretched before even drinking my morning cup of coffee.
  1. The minute I got out of bed I grabbed a small notepad on my night stand and wrote down three things I was already grateful for. Note that the first few weeks I wrote down the same things over and over again: my health, my family’s health, the roof over my head. After about the second week I got more granular: toothpaste (because, seriously, morning breath 🙊), coffee, hair conditioner specially made for curly hair.
  1. Here is where work came in (I didn’t forget-turns out that me taking care of me helps me love my gig-who knew?) After writing down what I am grateful for, I wrote down three things that I wanted to accomplish at work for the day. Of course, I started with what was part of my regular job duties and that got old (and disappointing) quickly. It was when I switched to the things that I had more power over that I felt that this exercise was coming together for my benefit. The first day it clicked for me my three things were: connect with Connie because it’s been forever and I have managed to forget her son’s name; Call Ernesto (client I sold 3 years ago and really enjoyed talking to) to see how the service is going and if I can be of any help; Bring a frappuccino to Karla in accounting for ignoring my missed expenses deadline (again).

I’ll admit that at the beginning this felt silly. And although there were times that I still got caught up in the same-old, same-old of my work, I felt a greater sense of control over my day. What eventually started to happen was that because I started my day with self care and expecting the best, I often found the best-at work, in my commute, with my colleagues. It really can be all about perspective. I am not at perma-smile level positivity yet when it comes to work but I am 90% of the way there. I even had someone ask me recently “How do you always look at the positive side of things? It’s so annoying!” So I gave him some tips. I expect at least one of them landed for him.

If you have other tools you have implemented to get re-engaged at work, share them with us! We are all ears! Like this post? remember to share the love and subscribe, or follow us on social. We’d love your company and insight!