LGBTQ Support

LGBTQ supportDo you find yourself in an environment that refuses to accept your identity simply because it challenges the norm? Are you struggling with an inner dialogue that criticizes and shames any honest expression of yourself? Perhaps you’re in constant search of a validation, even a small reason, to believe you’re enough.

If any of this resonates with you: It’s time to step into your truth.

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How Does Hypnosis support Weight Reduction? 

weight lossGrowing research indicates that medical hypnosis supports long-term weight loss. One such study demonstrated that hypnosis was an effective adjunct to weight management. Published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the study suggested that clients who subscribed to hypnotherapy not only lost the weight, but continued to lose weight up to two years after the hypnosis treatment ended!

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Hypnosis & Smoking: Does It Work? 

Smoking CessationWill Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Work?

Quitting a smoking habit can be intensely challenging for some. Many attempt to quit and then fall back into the dangerous habit. If you’ve tried nicotine patches, counseling, prescription medication, or behavioral modification techniques and are still struggling to quit smoking, it may be time to consider hypnosis.


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Co-dependence: Self-Fulfillment or Self-Loathing

codependencyWho do we call on when the going gets rough? When we picture packing up our things and getting out of dodge, where do we see ourselves dropping those bags? The truth is, we make the comfortable call and have no clue what dodge does or doesn’t look like. Maybe it’s 6’3 with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nasty habit of self-loathing. Or maybe it used to swaddle and breast feed us. Whatever the circumstances are, the reality of the matter is that many times we forget that home is where the heart is and the heart is on the inside.


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