New Year, Greater Business Focus


growing businessAs we ring in the new year, many of us find ourselves reevaluating and reinventing our habits, mindsets, and businesses. We begin to set short- and long-term goals all in the hopes of maximizing our happiness and prosperity for the next 12 months. While this is a helpful practice in creating focus and goals in our personal life, it can prove especially helpful when it applies to our businesses. How so?

Well, let’s start by addressing new and veteran business owners who are finding themselves in creative or entrepreneurial stagnation. For many of us, our business is “our baby” – it is the culmination of hard work, passion, as well as time and financial investments. It’s so much bigger than creating profit, it’s about having our goals validated and our efforts affirmed. Here are a few tips to help monetize your business goals

  • Create an environment that fosters an open line of communication with your business partner, your clients, and with yourself. That’s right: hear yourself out! When we have an open line of communication with ourselves – rather than dismissing or berating our ideas –  we secure self-trust, which is a must when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship. If you’re feeling depleted, listen to your body and rest. If you’re feeling creative, clear your afternoon and jot down ideas. In this way, your business remains a passion project, not a list of To-Do’s that you’ll ultimately resent. This will set the tone for your communication with employees, partners, and clients. When you honor yourself, it trickles down to the rest of your business.


  • TAKE NOTES. Sounds a little silly, right? Well, this is a classic example of how “basics” really are foundational. During meetings and conference calls, ask questions and write down the feedback you receive. Do not fear coming off as annoying or unprofessional. These same notes may be useful to you months later, when the prospective client emails you with a question on what you discussed. To be uncertain or misquote yourself comes off unprofessional and positions you as unreliable. The most successful men and women keep notes, it’s a handy habit to create. This also applies when working with your employees. If they have issues or concerns, be sure to set aside some time to hear them out and address their questions. And – you got it! – take notes for your own records. It’s always helpful to keep things in writing.


  • Last but certainly not least, BE YOU. The way we see ourselves is what matters most. When you look in the mirror do you want to do business with yourself? If the answer is not a resounding yes, then perhaps it is time to assess how you are presenting yourself. Taking pride in your appearance does not mean spending tons of money on fancy clothes. It also does not mean looking like everyone else. Be yourself. If you feel uncomfortable trying to look “successful,” maybe you should redefine what success looks like to you. Integrity is so important. Once you determine what your definition of success is, start looking like it! Regardless of the style or wardrobe, you’ll feel comfortable and people will sense that. If you don’t come off as confident, why should a client hire you? On the other hand, if you feel at ease and content, people will sense that too.

Our success, much like our power, is 100% based on us. Tune into your body, mind, and spirit and you will find that your intuition is ready to guide you. It’s the same gut-churning drive that brought you into entrepreneurship in the first place! Trust it, listen to it, and believe in it. Be aware of your business skill sets and decide if some areas could use extra work. Remember that we are available for private business coaching, our consultations are entirely FREE. To schedule your consult today, call us at 305.567.1973. In the end, you have everything to win and absolutely nothing to lose when you commit yourself to progress.