Your Dark and Your Light

Your Dark &As little kids in science class we learned that darkness is the absence of light, a seemingly simple and obvious definition. Over the years, we go on collecting more and more definitions, rarely giving them a second thought. It is not until life grows a little more complicated and we grow a little older that we begin finding comfort in such simple, yet thoughtful, explanations. As we are stretched and as we evolve, we recycle this information, rarely re-exploring their meaning or their application.

So what of our personal darkness then? Everyone of us has endured periods of heaviness and negativity at some point in our lives. Truly overcoming these moments comes through the realization that when we focus our attention on the pain can only  multiply the darkness. When we unconsciously (or deliberately) cling to our anger and our grudges, we being to attract circumstances and people that are equally as resentful and cynical. We attract what we are, after all.

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