LGBTQ Support

LGBTQ supportDo you find yourself in an environment that refuses to accept your identity simply because it challenges the norm? Are you struggling with an inner dialogue that criticizes and shames any honest expression of yourself? Perhaps you’re in constant search of a validation, even a small reason, to believe you’re enough.

If any of this resonates with you: It’s time to step into your truth.

For years, Coral Gables Hypnosis has worked closely with the LGBTQ community to heal the guilt and self-rejection often associated with sexuality and identity. By using hypnosis, we’re able to access deeply held feelings of contempt and self-rejection that have kept clients stuck with feelings of low self worth, low self-esteem, and issues of intimacy and acceptance. By identifying past triggers and changing the inner conversation, hypnosis creates a space in which clients can break through internalized homophobia and learn to accept who they are without the shame and guilt.

Our aim is always to help empower the individual to overcome feelings of isolation, anxiety, and identity issues. According to a Stonewall report on gay men and women, over 15% of queer persons are currently experiencing moderate to severe levels of mixed depression and anxiety. Factors that contribute to poor mental health include bullying, homophobia and general sexual health issues including excessive drinking and “partying” that stem from the intention to feel better.

In addition to the challenges of gay life in a predominantly straight world, gay persons are more concerned about body image, self confidence and self esteem, phobias, motivation and weight loss. Most gay persons experience growing up knowing they were “different.” Dealing with that and the process (often ongoing) of coming out and rejection by  friends, colleagues, families and communities leads many to leave home area to express themselves more fully.

As an LGBT advocate and mental health expert, we acknowledge what is happening and take the first steps to combating anxiety, depression and isolation.

If you imagine that by talking to a professional hypnotherapist you can begin to combat isolation, learn new techniques that increase your sense of well being and even increase your self esteem, then get in touch.  Our hypnotists can help by listening to your concerns and working with you on your own plan to help you feel happier, honor your identity as well as your sexuality, and generally improve your sense of wellness that can lead to greater social interaction that can combat isolation and poor mental health.

If you would like to arrange a FREE consultation to assess you needs and if a course of hypnotherapy is right for you, call us at 305.567.1973. Effective change happens when there is good rapport between client and hypnotherapist, a set of excellent skills and techniques and a shared positive intention to achieve the client’s goals. The first step is to make contact and begin to imagine what your goal is. The time for change is now.

Our message is simple: You are the one you have been searching for.