Co-dependence: Self-Fulfillment or Self-Loathing

codependencyWho do we call on when the going gets rough? When we picture packing up our things and getting out of dodge, where do we see ourselves dropping those bags? The truth is, we make the comfortable call and have no clue what dodge does or doesn’t look like. Maybe it’s 6’3 with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nasty habit of self-loathing. Or maybe it used to swaddle and breast feed us. Whatever the circumstances are, the reality of the matter is that many times we forget that home is where the heart is and the heart is on the inside.


If you’re visiting our page it is because you have experienced the benefits of hypnosis or are seeking to. Hypnosis unleashes our innate ability to heal ourselves. It is not as simple as staring at a swinging pocket watch and waking up with completely changed habits…but it kind of is. The road to healing is not less traveled because it is going to burn you. It actually doesn’t. What is does do is make you aware of your inner flame. It is less traveled because many times we are afraid to acknowledge how brightly our own flame shines. Growth and healing do not burn you from the outside in, they simply ask you to tap into this innate flame and trust it as you walk on.

Allowing yourself to seek help is like adding organic lighter fluid to your inner flame – it catalyzes empowerment and self-awareness. By inviting positive changes into your space, you are already stepping into your courage and giving yourself permission to evolve.

If you struggle to work on yourself because you are busy taking care of others, consider why you’re focusing on them rather than you. Are you doing it to avoid your own emotional concerns or are you doing it because you have enough self-love to offer support? In taking care of someone who is “more flawed than us,” our problems begin to appear smaller and less urgent. Co-dependence is a slippery slope because ultimately, we attach ourselves to someone whose problems seem to need more attention than our own. We deflect. Unfortunately, those seemingly good intentions are nothing more than a scapegoat that keeps us complacent and stuck.

Understanding where your co-dependency comes from is essential for reaching heart-center and making it home in one piece. Take a moment to reflect. Are you helping others because their circumstances distract you from dealing with your own issues? Change begins and ends with you. You are a powerful creator – every decision you make either empowers or disempowers you. Co-dependency is a comfortable pattern of giving away your power.

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Start embracing your authentic self  – you’re worth it.