Our work with Sex & Intimacy

Sexuality is a fundamental part of what makes us human. It can produce joy, love, comfort, and connection. Sometimes, our sexuality can also produce feelings of insecurity, fear and shame. Through the use of hypnosis and NLP, you can heal old learned patterns, ideas, and traumas in order to resolve core beliefs that stunt your ability to enjoy your sex life and your intimate relationship with yourself and your partner(s).

Areas of Focus

Gender Identity
Gender Transition
Sexual Identity
Achieving Orgasm
Sexual Abuse
Poly/Open Relationships

Living Openly
Porn/Sex Addiction
Coming Out
Painful Intercourse

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"I came to see Debbie a few months ago to help me overcome some reservations i had regarding my sexuality. I was able to accept my sexual desires and curiosities openly and without shame. this has been crucial in creating a 180 degree shift in my intimate relationship with my husband. Debbie is masterful at her craft and truly connected with the things i was speaking out loud as well as the things i was struggling to articulate. She is open and nonjudgmental which made me feel comfortable and safe."

Anonymous March 14, 2016