Our Purpose

What we believe largely determines the way we experience life. Our thought patterns dictate how we behave and react to our world.

At Coral Gables Hypnosis, we know you are more than beliefs that limit your potential. Through hypnosis, you can release negative core beliefs and replace them with empowered and supportive thoughts. We recognize that when you change how you think, you feel better and do better. Because all people deserve to live a life that is happy, fulfilled, and liberated.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our community to achieve their full emotional, physical, and spiritual potential.

Our Mission

We consider our mission statement a commitment to our clients and our community. We are dedicated to every client’s success by empowering them to shape their future, their relationships, and their communities. We deliver on that commitment by practicing a form of psycho-spiritual hypnosis that integrates mind, body and spirit in order to inspire transformation.

By inspiring our clients, we create positive change in our community. Through time, talent, and resources we collaborate with other like-minded companies and individuals whose purpose is to build a community that is founded in love, compassion, and inclusion.

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"After reading the Dr. Brian Weiss books on past-life regression I became curios about past-life regression and what I could learn from an experience. I worked with Patty over the course of a three weeks and was able to travel back to three different incarnations. The experience was very warm and peaceful. I felt safe and enlightened. The sessions were useful in helping me to let go of some past-life experiences that were still haunting me and affecting my current relationships."

Tara S. May 30, 2016

Our Team

Patty Fuenzalida

Witnessing clients overcome chronic worry and let go of the fear that holds them back is what inspires Patty every day of her career. As Coral Gables Hypnosis founder and dedicated hypnotist, Patty has used both hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming to help countless individuals break free of unhealthy obstacles and habits that reap negative impact on their lives.

A natural leader with a drive to guide others lead her from a highly successful sales career to becoming not only a master neurolinguistic programming practitioner and hypnotist, but also a certified Reiki practitioner. Devoted to guiding her clients through barriers to leading fulfilling lives, Patty is also able to pull from her sales industry background to coach executive clients on overcoming career and financial obstacles.

Beyond her Coral Gables office, Patty is a self proclaimed “outdoors woman.” On her days off she can be found hiking in the mountains or playing on the beach with her husband and four children. Always striving to improve her “inner conversation,” Patty avidly practices yoga and meditation, enhancing her focus and grounding both personally and professionally.

Debbie Rodriguez

A passionate hypnotist and managing partner at Coral Gables Hypnosis, Debbie uses her intuitive practice to focus on helping the LGBTQ community in Florida. Zeroing in on root causes, rather than symptoms, Debbie guides clients away from self-critical behaviors, to address disempowering survival patterns and fears. With a unique sensitivity to the issues and challenges that face the LGBTQ community, she is committed to fostering kindness and a supportive environment, both in her office and throughout Florida.

After graduating from Stamford University with a degree in Psychology and Mental Health, Debbie relocated to South Florida where she has been working ever since. A renowned speaker and author, Debbie has worked with hundreds of women, helping them overcome obstacles and empowering them to achieve fulfilling, successful lives.

An award-winning poet, world traveler, professor, mentor, and reiki practitioner, Debbie brings a full spectrum of skills and expertise to the South Florida community that she is so passionately devoted to. Debbie is also the founder of Creating Truths, a holistic business venture devoted to supporting, empowering, and restoring the local LGBTQ community through reiki and hypnosis.

Alison Ferrera

Alison comes to us with over a decade of working with women's health and pece of mind. She has a wealth of knowledge around pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Her expertise as a Healing Facilitator and working with the body gives her easy access to understanding the dialogue between mind and body. With this, her grounding principle is centered on the body's innate ability to heal itself. As a Craniosacral & Reiki Practitioner, her respect for the body has led her to guide others in understanding how their body provides messages about their health and well-being. Her clients find their own truths from experiencing their own body's wisdom. This shows up directly in her hypnosis sessions and her clients find the tools they need to take the next step towards balance and freedom.

Alison's hypnosis sessions are geared towards women's health concerns, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In addition, her birth resolution hypnosis sessions provide major insight to mothers during any stage of their postpartum process. Major life transitions come in many ways; any shifts that occur come swiftly and are often disorienting. Hypnosis can help you remain present and grounded as you navigate through them.

When Alison is not providing hypnosis or her healing arts, you can find her playing outside, cooking a giant meal or meditating under a tree!